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    TRIP Medicare Advantage document is a fact sheet concerning TRAIL - click here

    TRIP Summary is an analysis of the funding for CMS Benefits - Teachers’ Retirement Insurance Program as of 09/09/2014 - click here
  • The file-stamped motion for judgment on the pleadings as to the affirmative defense or, in the alternative, to strike the affirmative defense. All plaintiff groups signed this motion, except for SUAA...For the motion log in and go to Government Relations - News Responses (August 21, 2014)

    In summary, the previous paragraph provided you the motion filed today in Sangamon County asking Judge Belz to make a summary judgment on the lawsuit in lieu of a trial due to the Illinois Supreme Court ruling on state employees' health insurance.
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  • The State of Illinois Supreme Court ruled on the case regarding State Retiree Health Insurance, Kanerva vs. Weems, UNCONSTITUTIONAL. - click here
  • Understanding Your Prescription Drug Coverage (under the TRIP and CIP Medicare Advantage Plans) - click here  (June 12, 2014)
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