Doug Strand, TRS Trustee

The Teachers Retirement System, commonly referred to as TRS, administers the pension accounts for retired teachers and administrators. They collect, invest, and disperse the money. TRS is governed by a 15-member Board of Trustees. Trustees include the state superintendent of education, eight trustees appointed by the governor, five trustees elected by contributing TRS members, and two trustees elected by TRS annuitants.

TRS trustees are instrumental in setting policy for the agency to carryout. They approve the investment strategies and provide oversight. The two elected TRS annuitant trustee positions have always served as the voice of IRTA members on the board. Right now, an online petition drive is occurring to put names of candidates on the ballot for the annuitant trustee position. 

After successfully completing his first term representing retired educators, the Association recommends that IRTA member & East Moline resident Doug Strand of the Blackhawk RTA Unit be the endorsed candidate. 

Strand’s considerable qualifications include:

·        Knowledge of the TRS Board and the System

·        Working for a time with an accounting firm in Chicago

·        Teaching business and consumer economics United Township High School

·        Serving on the East Moline police pension board

·        Serving on the Black Hawk College board of trustees

·        Writing reports and making informational videos for IRTA members

For Doug to appear on the ballot, he needs 500 electronic signatures of eligible TRS members. As an annuitant, you will need to use your TRS login to vote in the secure area of the website. Use this link to add your signature:

“It is vital that members add their signatures for Doug Strand to get him on the ballot,” IRTA President Bill Funkhouser said. “We cannot and must not leave our pension investments to chance. I urge all members to click the link and add their signature for Doug. Adding your signature is easy and only takes a couple of moments.”