On the Ballot: Amendment to Change Illinois Constitution Will Not Affect Your Pension

Illinois voters will be asked to vote on Amendment 1, the Illinois Right to Collective Bargaining Measure.  It’s the only statewide referendum this election, and it will appear on the ballot as a Proposed Amendment to the 1970 Illinois Constitution. You may vote on this Amendment on November 8th or sooner if you choose to take advantage of early voting.

Illinois Retired Teachers Association will not be taking a position on this amendment.

If passed the proposed amendment in no way would open the constitution for consideration of any additional subject matters, including healthcare or pension protections. This amendment would also not allow for the taxing of retirement income.

What is required for the amendment to pass?

Per Article XIV, Section 2 of the state constitution, a three-fifths majority of those voting on the question or a simple majority of those voting in the election are needed for the amendment to pass.

Illinois Retired Teachers Association encourages you to vote whichever way you feel comfortable, just please make sure to get out there and vote, every vote counts!