Create a Lasting Legacy with Planned Giving to IRTA

The Illinois Retired Teachers Association (IRTA) has launched a new page on their website dedicated to legacy giving, offering individuals a unique opportunity to support the association’s mission for years to come. The legacy donation program allows supporters to make a substantial, enduring contribution, supporting IRTA’s endeavors in building meaningful relationships with its members and ensuring the protection of their retirements.

The legacy donation is easy to create, and there are many ways to contribute. Donors can include IRTA in their will or living trust, which can be as simple as including a single sentence in the document. These gifts can be modified throughout a donor’s lifetime, allowing for changes as circumstances evolve. Furthermore, IRTA can be named as a beneficiary of a qualified retirement account or Individual Retirement Account (IRA). As a nonprofit organization, IRTA bypasses any taxes and receives the full amount of the gift.

IRTA can also be designated as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, a 401(k), or other pension fund accounts. These gifts will be used to support future generations of retirees and educators. Additionally, there are other ways to give, including sponsoring a retired educator in need, gifts of real estate, donating with stocks, annuities, pooled income funds, or cryptocurrency, and non-cash assets. Other giving options include individual campaigns, honoring someone special, and creating lead and remainder trusts and endowments.

The new legacy giving page also includes a timeline of donations, highlighting the generosity of previous donors and the impact of their gifts. The Uhl Family Trust, Helen Snider, Mark Kennedy, and Carolyn Phelps are among the individuals and entities that have made significant contributions in the past.

The IRTA defends pension and healthcare protection through its lobbying efforts and provides access to important insurance benefits at discounted group rates. It also creates social opportunities for members. The IRTA Foundation assists retired educators with living expenses, provides scholarships to aspiring teachers, works to protect the rights of the elderly, and offers grants to educators.

IRTA has a general bequest policy stating that all gifts are presumed to be for all charitable purposes, allowing the organization to apply the funds to the most pressing needs at the time of funding. However, it encourages potential donors to consult with a trusted financial advisor before making decisions involving their estate.

The creation of this legacy giving page emphasizes IRTA’s commitment to its mission and provides a platform for individuals to contribute to a lasting legacy that will impact generations to come. It is a testament to the power of collective giving and the enduring support for the retired educators community.

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