IRTA is pleased to announce that effective January 2024, we are transitioning our preferred hearing aid discount vendor from Hear in America to TruHearing.  A few years ago, TruHearing formed a partnership with Hear in America, which has now evolved with TruHearing emerging as the singular operating company.  TruHearing is a leading provider of premium hearing benefits, with one simple goal: to improve the lives of people with hearing loss through affordable hearing healthcare and innovative technology.

What this means for you! 

  • Deeper discounts on hearing aids
    • Save an average $1,250 per hearing aid off average retail and $200-300 less per aid than previously available
  • Broader access to in-network providers
    • 7,000 provider locations nationwide
  • Free online hearing screening assessment

You will still have access to the following features:

  • Discounts on hearing aids from all 6 leading manufacturers
  • Full 3-year manufacturer warranty on every device
  • 60-day, no risk trial period
  • No-interest financing
  • Coordination with insurance (if applicable)

To learn more, please contact TruHearing at (877) 653-9373 or visit the TruHearing website at

* Members that have purchased hearing aids through the Hear In America program will have access to these services until their next purchase.