2020 Election Results

While all eyes seemed to be on the Presidential race November 3rd, Illinois had many surprises that took place on Election Day this year. Generally, Republicans avoided a “Blue Wave” in Illinois as they did in many states. The Governor lost his effort to pass a graduated or progressive income tax in Illinois. While Illinois Democrats generally underperformed expectations, the balance of power has not changed. The House Speaker and Senate President still control Democrat super majorities in their chambers and every Statewide officer is still a Democrat.


The Illinois Retired Teachers Association’s (IRTA) most important objective is fighting for the rights of our members. We do this by working to elect legislators in Springfield that will keep the best interests of Illinois retired teachers in mind while voting on issues such as health insurance funding and pensions. These are just a few reasons why the Illinois Retired Teachers Political Action Committee (IRTPAC) is so important during the election season.

The IRTPAC developed a questionnaire used to evaluate candidates seeking endorsement in the November 2020 election. The questionnaire was mailed to over 190 incumbents and candidates, including all people on the ballot for the 2020 election, both House and Senate, Republican and Democrat. A total of 54 were returned from the House of Representatives (40-D & 14-R) and from the Senate we received 7 (5-D & 2-R). The questionnaire contained questions regarding their position on things such as the constitution, the current tax code, health insurance, Teachers Retirement Insurance Program (TRIP), and funding. The recipients to receive endorsement were carefully selected and voted on by the IRTPAC Committee, then ultimately approved by the IRTPAC Board of Directors.

The Illinois Retired Teachers Political Action Committee (IRTPAC) conclusively made the decision to endorse 40 House candidates and 5 Senate candidates for the 2020 Election Cycle.

The following list shows those candidates endorsed by the IRTPAC who won or lost their respective elections:

Illinois Senate:
Laura Murphy      28th District- Re-Elected
Melinda Bush      31st District- Re-Elected
Patrick Joyce      40th District- Re-Elected
Meg Loughran-Cappel*      49th District- Elected
Terri Bryant*      58th District- Elected

Illinois House:
Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz      17th District- Re-Elected
Robyn Gabel      18th District- Re-Elected
Lindsey Lapointe      19th District- Re-Elected
Brad Stephens      20th District-Re-Elected
Edgar Gonzalez      21st District- Re-Elected
Kam Buckner      26th District- Re-Elected
Tim Ozinga*      37th District- Elected
Debbie Meyers-Martin      38th District- Re-Elected
Diane Pappas      45th District- Lost
Jennifer Zordani*      47th District- Lost
Terra Costa-Howard      48th District- Re-Elected
Mary Edly-Allen      51st District- Lost
Maggie Trevor*      54th District- Lost
Jonathan Carroll      57th District- Re-Elected
Daniel Diedich      59th District- Re-Elected
Rita Mayfield      60th District- Re-Elected
Sam Yingling      62nd District- Re-Elected
Brian Sager*      63rd District- Lost
Suzanne Ness*      66th District- Elected
Maurice West      67th District- Re-Elected
Jeff Keicher      70th District- Re-Elected
Tony McCombie      71st District- Re-Elected
Michael Haplin      72nd District- Re-Elected
Dan Swanson      74th District- Re-Elected
Lance Yednock      76th District- Re-Elected
Camille Lilly      78th District- Re-Elected
Charlene Eads*      79th District- Lost
Barbara Hernandez      83rd District- Re-Elected
Dagmara Avelar*      85th District- Elected
Karla Bailey-Smith*      88th District- Lost
Seth Wiggins*      90th District- Lost
Mark Luft*      91st District- Elected
Norine Hammond      93rd District- Re-Elected
Mark Batinick      97th District- Re-Elected
Christopher Davidsmeyer      100th District- Re-Elected
Dan Brady      105th District- Re-Elected
Monica Bristow      111th District- Lost
Jay Hoffman      113th District- Re-Elected
Nathan Reitz      116th District- Lost
Dave Severin      117th District- Re-Elected

The * next to a person’s name indicates he/she is a candidate running against a current incumbent or for an open seat.

Of the 40 candidates endorsed in the House there were 10 losses, and all 5 of the endorsed Senate candidates won.

We are very pleased with the outcome of this election and are confident that each legislator we chose to endorse has our members best interest in mind. The IRTPAC strives to support candidates who understand the importance of retired educators’ pension and health insurance benefits.