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Types of Memberships

  • Dues Deduct Members - have $2.50 deducted each month from your TRS pension
  • 5 Year Membership - $175
  • Life Members - one time fee of $400
  • Annual Members - pay $38 each year (recurring)
  • Associate Annual Members - pay $25 each year (recurring) 
    (available to those not drawing a pension from TRS)
  • Associate Life Members - one time fee of $125 
    (available to those not drawing a pension from TRS)

For any questions on Membership or more information please call (217) 523-8488.

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How the Illinois Retired Teachers Association Works for You

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Enrich Your Retirement
Build your retirement status while you pursue your interests – travel, write, teach, lead, lobby and learn.

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Sharpen Your Knowledge
Access content from legislative updates, emails and periodicals. Join Illinois Retired Teachers Association at regional meetings and view practical online resources.

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Save Money
Technology savings, discounts on products and services are included with your membership along with discounts on products and services you use daily.

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Receive ‘Action’ Quarterly
The Action covers the trends, people and efforts to protect your pension and health benefits.

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Protect Yourself, Your Family & Your Retirement
A membership benefit designed to guard against financial disruption for you, your family. You can expect unique coverage options, competitive pricing, and exceptional service from the AMBA insurance programs and options.

How the Illinois Retired Teachers Association Works for Your Retirement Annuity

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Advocate for Retirees
Our lobbyists coordinate with members to fight legislation that could negatively affect the promised pension or healthcare benefits.

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Create the Future
Our leaders convene a biennial convention and business meeting on trending issues in the legislature, provide timely updates, nurture new friendships and social activities.

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Uphold our Principles
Our association is a powerful voice on ethics, professional responsibility and inclusion.

How the Illinois Retired Teachers Association Works for Society

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Provide Grants to Current Teachers
Through the Illinois Retired Teachers Association Foundation, members distribute $35,000+ in grants to active teachers for worthwhile projects.

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Defend Dignity of Low-Income Retirees
The Illinois Retrired Teachers Association stands by those retired educators who are vulnerable and struggling to pay bills. The Foundation provides a modest amount of assistance every year to retirees who need help.

Illinois Retired Teachers Association and the Illinois Principals Association (IPA) are working together to benefit the memberships of both Associations. The agreement is very simple. Here's how it works: When an active member of IPA retires and joins IPA Retired, the membership in IPA Retired automatically includes membership in the Illinois Retired Teachers Association.

IRTA and IPA have a history of working together on various issues. The IPA has always helped us to promote the IRTA Foundation grants by sending flyers and emails to its members. Illinois Retried Teachers Association, on the other hand, has always provided a seminar to those IPA members who are about to retire from education.

This partnership is a win-win situation for both Associations. The IPA provides to its retired members both the benefits and the representation resulting from Illinois Retired Teachers Association membership. We increase our membership of retired Illinois educators, as well as increases its exposure to the active IPA membership. This partnership is another positive step in our membership recruitment efforts in school districts.

If you are currently a member of Illinoise Retired Teachers Association but are also eligible for IPA Retired membership, please consider joining IPA Retired.


You’re invited to join the IL Principals Association for only $75 which includes your Illinois Retired Teachers Association dues.
Call Lisa at 217-241-2648.

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