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2018 Illinois Retired Teachers Association PAC Endorsements

The Illinois Retired Teachers Associations' most important objective is fighting for the rights of our members. We do this by working to elect legislators in Springfield who understand the importance of retired educators’ pension and health insurance benefits. The continued need to fully fund the pension system and provide support for retired educators’ health insurance remains our focus. This is why the Illinois Retired Teachers Association PAC Committee is so important during the election season.

The Illinois Retired Teachers Association PAC developed a questionnaire used to evaluate candidates seeking endorsement in the November 2018 election. The questionnaire was mailed to over 240 incumbents and candidates, including all people on the ballot for the 2018 election, both House and Senate and Republican and Democrat. Of the 78 questionnaires returned, 52 of the candidates were selected for endorsement by the Illinois Retired Teachers AssociationPAC.

The Illinois Retired Teachers Association PAC Committee met on August 14, 2018 to review the questionnaires. The Committee’s recommendations were presented to the Illinois Retired Teachers Association PAC Board of Directors for final action on August 21, 2018. The following list of endorsed candidates is based on their voting record, local unit input, questionnaire answers, and Illinois Retired Teachers Association staff recommendations. The Illinois Retired Teachers Association recognizes that members make their candidate choices for many reasons. Illinois Retired Teachers Association PAC endorsed candidates have either proven records of support or have committed to support retired educators in the future.

The following is a list of candidates that have been approved for endorsement:

Illinois Governor:
JB Pritzker

Illinois Senate:

Omar Aquino 2nd District
Laura Fine 9th District
Michael Connelly 21st District
Tom Cullerton 23rd District
Ann Gillespie 27th District
Julie Morrison 29th District
Terry Link 30th District
Neil Anderson 36th District
Sue Rezin 38th District
Don Harmon 39th District
John Curran 41st District
David Simpson 45th District
Andy Manar 48th District
Rachelle Aud Crowe 56th District

Illinois House:

Lou Lang 16th District
Jennifer Gong-Dershowitz 17th District
Robyn Gabel 18th District
Val Montgomery 41st District
Terra Costa Howard 48th District
Karina Villa 49th District
Mark Walker 53rd District
Maggie Trevor 54th District
Martin Moylan 55th District
Michelle Mussman 56th District
Jonathan Carroll 57th District
Bob Morgan 58th District
Daniel Didech 59th District
Joyce Mason 61st District
Tom Weber 64th District
Jake Castanza 68th District
Angelique Bodine 69th District
Paul Stoddard 70th District
Tony McCombie 71st District
Michael Halpin 72nd District
Lance Yednock 76th District
Lisa Dugan 79th District
Stephanie Kifowit 84th District
John Connor 85th District
Andrew Chesney 89th District
Amy Davis 90th District
Norine Hammond 93rd District
Richard Cramsey 94th District
DillonClark 95th District
Sue Scherer 96th District
Mica Freeman 97th District
Marc Bell 99th District
Shirley Bell 110th District
Monica Bristow 111th District
Katie Stuart 112th District
Jay Hoffman 113th District
Jerry Costello II 116th District
Natalie Phelps Finnie 118th District
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