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2020 Illinois Retired Teachers PAC Endorsements

Recently, the Illinois Retired Teachers Political Action Committee (IRTPAC) met to discuss and vote on potential candidates to endorse for the upcoming General Election in November 2020. The deliberation process was based on a few different factors, candidates were only considered if they returned a completed questionnaire, which was sent out to them earlier this summer. A total of fifty-four were returned from the House of Representatives (40-D & 14-R) and from the Senate we received seven (5-D & 2-R). The questionnaire contained questions regarding their position on things such as the constitution, the current tax code, health insurance, Teachers Retirement Insurance Program (TRIP), and funding. The recipients to receive endorsement were carefully selected and voted on by the IRTPAC Committee, then ultimately approved by the IRTPAC Board of Directors.

The IRTPAC strives to support candidates who understand the importance of retired educators’ pension and health insurance benefits. Also, the continued need to fully fund the pension system and provide support for retired educators health insurance is vitally important.

For the 2020 Election IRTPAC selected to endorse 40 candidates from the House of Representatives and five candidates from the Senate.

The following endorsed candidates from the House are listed in order by districts: Rep. Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz (D-17), Rep. Robyn Gabel (D-18), Rep. Lindsey LaPointe (D-19), Rep. Bradley Stephens (R-20), Rep. Edgar Gonzalez (D-21), Rep. Kam Buckner (D-26), Tim Ozinga (R-37), Rep. Debbie Meyers-Martin (D-38), Rep. Diane Pappas (D-45), Jennifer Zordani (D-47), Rep. Terra Costa-Howard (D-48), Rep. Mary Edly-Allen (D-51), Maggie Trevor (D-54), Rep. Jonathan Carroll (D-57), Rep. Daniel Didech (D-59), Rep. Rita Mayfield (D-60), Rep. Sam Yingling (D-62), Brian Sager (D-63), Susanne Ness (D-66), Rep. Maurice West (D-67), Rep. Jeff Keicher (R-70), Rep. Tony McCombie (R-71), Rep. Michael Halpin (D-72), Rep. Daniel Swanson (R-74), Rep. Lance Yednock (D-76), Rep. Camille Lilly (D-78), Charlene Eads (D-79), Rep. Barbara Hernandez (D-83), Dagmara Avelar (D-85), Karla Bailey-Smith (D-88), Seth Wiggins (D-90), Mark Luft (R-91), Rep. Norine Hammond (R-93), Rep. Mark Batinick (R-97), Rep. C.D Davidsmeyer (R-100), Rep. Dan Brady (R-105), Rep. Monica Bristow (D-111), Rep. Jay Hoffman (D-113), Rep. Nathan Reitz (D-116), and Rep. Dave Severin (R-117).

The following endorsed candidates from the Senate include: Senator Laura Murphy (D-28), Senator Melinda Bush (D-31), Senator Patrick Joyce (D-40), Meg Loughran Cappel (D-49), and Terri Bryant (R-58).

Following the endorsement questionnaires that were sent out to candidates running for office in the General Assembly, IRTA also sent out a questionnaire to the Illinois Candidates running for Congress. Of the thirty-six questionnaires sent out, a total of nine were returned. The purpose of the questionnaire was for informative purposes only to make their constituents and our members aware of their position regarding the Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government Pension Offset (WEP/GPO) repeal.

We looked closely at how they answered question number one which asked: Do you SUPPORT a WEP/GPO repeal? – Of the nine questionnaires returned, each candidate was in support.

Candidates in support from the US House of Representatives included: Marie Newman (D-3), Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-8), Rep. Bill Foster (D-11), Ray Lenzi (D-12), Betsy Londrigan (D-13), Rep. Rodney Davis (R-13), Dani Brozozowski (D-16), and Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-17).

Candidates in support from the US Senate: Dick Durbin (D), his opponent did not return a questionnaire.

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