Illinois Retired Teachers Association

Illinois Retired Teachers Association
(IRTA) is a non-partisan association of Illinois retired educators.  All TRS annuitants (teachers, administrators, nurses, counselors, coaches, etc.) are asked to join the association up to 4 years before their actual retirement date.  IRTA members support the Association through very, very low yearly dues.  IRTA’s mission is to protect your retirement benefits.  Many members consider IRTA to be insurance from the very real and potential theft of benefits by the Illinois legislature. 

As an association, IRTA cannot function without your membership.  IRTA is most effective when all annuitants are actively involved in the Association.  Strength in Numbers is key to keeping your retirement safe and secure.

For retirees, pension and insurance protection are key, but these are just a couple of the many reasons it's vital to join the IRTA right now.  IRTA offers a wide range of opportunities that can lead to money savings, an enhanced social network, better health and, ultimately, greater retirement enjoyment.

Here are 8 reasons why joining IRTA is well worth the time and effort:

  1. Protection of your pension and health insurance benefits. Through the IRTA’s lobbyists, legislative team, legislative committee, volunteers, political action committee, political action committee volunteers, your pension and health insurance benefits will be defended throughout your entire life.  In 2015, IRTA spent several hundred thousand dollars to protect TRS annuitant’s 3% compounded COLA.  In February, when you receive a 3% higher check every year, you can thank IRTA.

  2. Enhanced benefits programs. IRTA offers group rate Dental and Vision insurance as well as multiple discounts on all types of goods, services and activities.  Your retirement health insurance does not offer dental or vision coverage.  In addition, IRTA offers Long Term Care Insurance, Home Health Insurance, Medical Transportation Services, Cancer Insurance and much more. 

  3. Informational advantages. Taking advantage of association resources will keep you updated in real time when threats to your benefits can occur.  IRTA utilizes a state of the art alert system to notify you of possible diminished benefits.  IRTA provides call-to-action notifications for you to contact your state representative and state senator immediately to challenge and fight back any potential diminishments.  

  4. Cost savings on a variety of goods and services. Some industry associations grant member vendors access to special rates on products and services, saving them money and allowing them to price their goods more competitively and increase profit margins.

  5. Opportunities to give back to the community. You can use your IRTA membership to share your knowledge with both students and adults still yearning to learn.  You will promote a stronger sense of community cooperation through the IRTA Foundation. The Foundation provides grants to current teachers, financial support for teacher retirees living in need, and scholarships to Illinois students majoring in education

  6. Social networking and group travel opportunities. Yearly, the IRTA will offer group activities like a Caribbean cruise, land trips to Europe, retiree day at the ballpark, or a day out at the State Fair.  Perhaps the most important benefit of IRTA is that it provides you with an excellent opportunity to strengthen relationships and make new friends.  Check out some photos from the 2019 IRTA Caribbean Sea Cruise, the 2018 IRTA Caribbean Sea Cruise or sign-up to join us on our October land Tour of Ireland.  Nothing says welcome to retirement better than a trip to Ireland with new friends! 

  7. You don't have to take our word for it.  Click on any of these former educator videos and hear from people just like you about why IRTA is vitally worthwhile:  

    1. President John Flaherty
    2. Lobbyist Andrew Bodewes
    3. 2017 Convention Attendees
    4. Members' Only Benefits
    5. David Davison (speaking after IRTA defeated attempts to zero automatic continued funding for TRS annuitant health insurance)
    6. Winnebago County RTA
    7. Ed Wollet, IRTAPAC Chairman
    8. David Davison, Former IRTA President
    9. Mike Schmidt, IRTA Membership Chair
    10. Pat Hampton, Dunlap, Ill.
  8. Signing up is Free for all of 2021.  Signing up is Free for 2021 when you sign up for Dues Deduct (cancel anytime). Simply fill out the form below and become a part of the great retirement adventure that is IRTA!  

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