Donate to the IRTA Legal Defense Fund

Legal action is very expensive which is the reason IRTA started the Legal Defense Fund almost two years ago. The outpouring of support from our membership has been fantastic for the fund and it continues to grow. The amount needed will be large, especially if repeated legal battles must be fought. So, we thank everyone who has contributed and ask those who have not to do so. Look at what a benefit our 3% COLA is. Could any of us afford to fight to save this benefit on our own? Certainly not! We need to join together for such action. It has been suggested that we give the value of one month’s COLA in 2014 to the Legal Defense Fund. A great idea! This money is in a dedicated fund and cannot be used for any other purpose.

Here is the address for sending donations to the Legal Defense Fund. 
IRTA, 620 N. Walnut St., Springfield, IL 62702
Please write "Legal Defense Fund" on the check memo line.

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